Noosa Everglades Cruises with Optional Lunch

Want to see an entirely different - yet no less beautiful - side of the Sunshine Coast away from the more famous spots? These Noosa Everglades cruises take you on a journey both past and through a varied environment made up of lovely beaches, majestic headlands, forested dunes, multi-coloured cliffs, and the many deep and dark waterways that comprise much of the Great Sandy National Park's Cooloola Section. Renowned for its calm waters and dense array of varied scenery, highlighted by numerous forms of water birds and other avian life, on an Everglades cruise you'll board a comfortable sightseeing vessel and venture along this pristine waterway, learning about the various swamplands, mangroves, sand banks and various other features along the way.

Choose from a pair of available cruise itineraries - one in the afternoon and another that includes a fresh and tasty Aussie-style barbecue lunch - and then prepare to soak in this remarkable wilderness area that forms part of the "Green Behind the Gold" on the Sunshine Coast. Simply select the desired cruise option below to book a relaxed and scenic journey online today.